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Power Transformer Guard - PTG

About WTG

The Power Transformer Guard (PTG) is designed to monitor oil-filled power transformers in order to extract a signature of its condition. Without such Condition Monitoring (CM) ability it is difficult to know when your transformer needs to be serviced or replaced . The PTG measures vibration in the frequency range of 20-1,000 Hz to display the various components of the vibration. The largest vibration comes from windings/coils whose shape is lost as a consequence of excessive vibration. An excessive amplitude leads to play in the coils. Existing play allows large amplitude vibration, which in turn reinforces the play. It is a vicious cycle if left unchecked. At worse, a total breakdown of your transformer will happen resulting in catastrophic failure.

Key Features

✔ Broadband sensor working from 20 Hz to 1,000 Hz.
✔ 8-channel system for both temperature and vibration.
✔ Calibrated to industry standard: 10 microns per 100 mV at 159.2 Hz.
✔ ​Vibration signature enables identifying troublemakers for the whole range between 20 Hz and 1,000 Hz.
✔ ​Immune to EMI and high voltages.
✔ ​Signal Conditioner possesses an analog electrical output for direct measurement. 
✔ ​A SCADA device can be linked to the Signal Conditioner as it also outputs RS-485 Modbus signal.
✔ The PT Guard system can be extended to other types of assets and conditions.

Graphical User Interface

PT EYE is an online software service enabling the user to observe measurements in real-time. Displayed are the time and frequency domains, and temperature as well. Plus, data can be stored for long term independent monitoring for the sake of trending the signature using PT SAFE software service.

PT SAFE ​ is an offline software service trending the saved data from its online counterpart. Long term behavior of your induction motor becomes apparent.